Writing in Today’s Workplace

Thought you were done worrying about grammar and punctuation when you passed your last English class? Think again. Writing is an essential skill in today’s workplace. The prevalence of electronic communication means just about everyone, in every field, spends part of their workday typing away. Moreover, the quality of your writing always reflects on your […]

Canadian Supply Chain textbook

Five Books Every Supply Chain Manager Should Own

To make your way to the top of your field, or stay there, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments. This is especially true of supply chain management—an industry where technology and world economies play a key part, and both can change rapidly. It is also vital to have […]

Inside the Industry: The Benefits of Safe Injection Sites

For community services workers in Canada, helping those with drug dependencies can be a matter of life and death. Injection drugs like heroin are of great concern to authorities because of their addictive properties and the considerable damage they can do to users. However, there is another cost to this ongoing problem that some people do […]

Keyboarding Coach: 6 Tips To Boost Your Typing Speed

Among the first educational books and tools that DDE put together was an online typing course and book. The typing textbook that accompanies the course (Keyboarding Coach) is full of exercises and tips to help anyone, from beginner to experienced typists, fine tune and grow their skills. The following tips are excerpted from the DDE […]