Serving private canadian colleges since 2014

Your program prepares students for a career in a very specific field. Your curriculum is tailored to meet their needs. Except for one thing: Textbooks. Most educational resources are not made with private career-focused classrooms like yours in mind. Instructors and coordinators can burn dozens of hours searching for the right book…and still come up short. 

Far too many colleges spend far too much money on textbooks that simply are not the right fit. DDE Media Company is an independent educational publisher founded specifically to meet the requirements of Canadian classrooms like yours. 

Since 2014, DDE Media has been publishing practical, streamlined material for career college programs across Canada. Our wholesale library includes a wide range of subjects including Keyboarding, Supply Chain Management, Business, Police Foundations, Medical Office Assistants, Community Services (CSW) and Paralegal. We also partner directly with individual instructors and colleges to publish custom textbooks and materials tailored to their program.