Healthcare Textbooks

Group Work and Human Relations: Social Dynamics for Canadian Community Services Workers

Category: Healthcare

While human beings posses many key attributes that allow them to function with great independence, the species would almost certainly not have survived much beyond its inception were it not for our ability to function in groups. This capability to cooperate and to serve and care for other humans formed the basis of such key societal units as the family, government, and business.

Whether local or international, effective and productive groups share several key attributes. In association with its members, these organizations must utilize careful planning to make maximum use of time and resources. They must also recognize what elements do not work as planned and adjust them accordingly, utilizing the foresight that ensures the most successful practices become standard.

Key aspects of this success are the careful formation and adoption of goals and the quality of leadership. These are factors that contribute to the successful functioning of individuals within an organized collective. They ensure that goals are established and met via consent generated through successful interaction.

Canada’s At Risk Populations: An Introduction to Case Management

Category: Healthcare

While there has always been a gap between rich and poor, the increasing population living in poverty in Canada and across the world is having an even harder time making ends meet. Such problems often lead to physical and mental infirmity, which can initiate a cycle a cycle of decline resulting in homelessness and other negative factors. Members of this impoverished population are at risk of having additional hardships arise from the ones they already have, and often require assistance from qualified professionals to overcome these challenges.

As today’s society becomes increasingly stressful and frenetic, it is tempting to only focus on our own problems. However, not spending the time and money needed to help those at risk is a moral and societal failure a community that cares for its citizens and their well-being is one that functions at its maximum potential.

Cytology and Histology for the Canadian Lab Technician

Category: Healthcare

This textbook has been designed to fill a gap in the provision of training material for Canadian Medical Laboratory Assistants/Technicians. It covers the introductory theory of cytology and histology and details the techniques of preparing tissue and cell samples in order to detect pre-cancerous changes and other pathologies, benign and malignant. 

As a college instructor since 2002, I have strived to offer my students the most up-to-date and relevant instructional material. The subjects of cytology and histology are seldom covered adequately mainstream textbooks intended for medical laboratory professionals: this text focuses on the day-to-day technical aspects of both topics. The material has benfied from the input oif experts from prestigious hospitals in the Greater Toronto area, all of whom work with the most modern methods and technologies.

I am confident that this book will be of benefit to instructors and students of the medical laboratory technology program. 

Business and Supply Chain Textbooks

Business Communications in Canada: Refining Your Professional Skills

Category: Business

Communication is the most powerful tool at your disposal, and nowhere is this more true than in business.

Many business students, especially first language English speakers, do not realize the importance of mastering the skills of business communication. Poor communication skills in business result in inefficient work forces, poor perception and professional image, and lost business and sales. A corporation needs all of these things working well to succeed.

The aim of this book is to prepare everyone to communicate effectively in a business setting – whether they already have a degree in English, or they are new to business and English is a second language, Starting with the intricacies of language and written English then moving into oral communication, this book will prepare your communication skills for a career in business and teach you to project yourself in a clear, confident, and capable manner.

Supply Chain Management: Logistics

Category: Supply Chain

What is Supply Chain Management, Exactly?

Academics wrestle with the definition frequently, and no single definition is universally accepted. A number of professional associations have emerged over the past fifty years or so that have dedicated themselves to helping educate people both within and outside of supply chains, and their perspectives are valuable.

Supply Chain and Logistics and Supply Chain management can be viewed in simple terms, but simple definitions become quickly inadequate. The truth is that supply chain management is complex, and its nature and composition grows and changes everyday.

Law and Policing Textbooks

Introduction to Criminology: A Canadian Perspective

Category: Law and Policing

Criminology is an interdisciplinary topic, adopting information from fields as diverse as History and Statistics. Due to this, many different perspectives come into play when examining criminology. Biases from background and training can add to the subjectivity of each perspective. This textbook has been designed to provide details on each of these perspectives and provide readers with the opportunity to form their own opinions.

This textbook helps meet the needs of those who are considering a career in the Canadian justice system using an applied focus when examining the different aspects of criminology. The focus and overall treatment of criminology is done in such a way that allows this textbook to be valuable to anyone with an interest in the subject matter.

Ethics for Ontario Paralegals

Category: Law and Policing

Can I tell a lie on my client’s behalf?

How much can I charge for my services?

I made a mistake – what now?

For paralegals, ethical issues are a part of everyday practice.

Making ethical decisions is not always easy. Often, a paralegal’s various duties seem to be in conflict with one another. There are times when the best answers from an ethical standpoint has personal or professional drawbacks. And some issues are hard to see coming, appearing only after you’ve already made a mistake.

This book analyses the Paralegal Rules of Conduct in full, using the Law Society’s official guidelines, factual situations, exercises, and real cases involving ethical issues. You will learn the ethical issues paralegals face in everyday practice.

General Textbooks

How to Be a Great Student: Success Strategies for Life in College or University

Category: General

Just about anybody knows how to be a student. The true key to success is knowing how to be a great student. Being a great student means more than just attending class, writing exams, and passing your classes. To truly become a great student requires inspiration, ambition, and dedication.

Being a great student requires commitment. Commitment to learning, commitment to working, and commitment to the future that you want to reach. This is where it begins. Reading this is your first step to greatness and succeeding in school and in life because, as you may have heard before, success breeds success.

Conquer Your Career: A Guide to Mastering Lifelong Success

Category: General

Meet your career head on!

Conquer Your Career offers practical information to get your professional life on tract with a detailed skill assessment, powerful self-marketing strategies, and the most efficient job-searching strategy. You will learn how to tap into the hidden job market, how to craft the perfect resume, and how to nail your next interview! This book contains the most up-to-date examples of resumes, cover letters, interview questions and job-searching tools. Learn lifelong employment strategies to secure your career path in  a world that has abandoned job security.

Learn how to land your next promotion, once you’ve been hired, with an easy to read guide for; interpersonal skills, knowing when to lead and when to be a team player, proper email etiquette, and avoiding workplace pitfalls.

Know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Rise above the crows and Conquer Your Career.