Custom Textbooks

The problem with traditional textbooks is they serve as an overview for a topic which leads to students only having a broad understanding of the topic.At DDE we create unique textbooks that are relevant to a specific program or course.Concise customized textbooks and workbooks can make it simpler for students to learn what they need to learn and teach them practical skills for future careers.

Ghost Writing

 Writing a book is a great way to promote a person or company.  It is a much nicer leave behind and has more impact than a t-shirt or hat (and the cost is about the same).   There is no better way to promote a brand.  Once a book is written (and while it is being written), it provides lots of content that can be broken into articles and blog posts.  This is great for SEO.

We love to write and do it well.  You do not need to be afraid of ghosts.