DDE Media Company is a digital multimedia company.

Dedicated to finding new and stimulating ways to engage and instruct students, DDE Media offers an innovative alternative for Canadian educators. Textbooks no longer need to be intimidating, unwieldy, and costly.

Unlike other publishers, which offer a select few books on a subject with a “take it or leave it” attitude, DDE Media custom creates textbooks that fit your curriculum like a glove. Collaborating with subject matter experts, educational leaders, and the students themselves allows us to create educational materials that meet the demands of all these contributors. The result is student engagement, no unused chapters or irrelevant content, and an educational tool that capably helps students achieve their academic goals.

As the job market becomes more competitive and vocational requirements become more elaborate, students must be prepared to face new challenges. Our textbooks also provide the sort of local content and detail that Canadian students need to best fulfill their future roles in our nation’s workplace.

In addition to relevant and enlightening content, our books also contain infographics and illustrations directly related to the subject that engage the eye and enhance the learning experience.

Change has finally come to the textbook industry and DDE Media is at the forefront of a new approach to scholastic resources.


DDE Media Company was started by successful entrepreneur Jim Estill in 2014. Jim’s background  started a tech distribution company (EMJ Data) from the trunk of his car and grew it to $350,000,000 in sales. EMJ was public on the TSE for 10 years prior to selling to SYNNEX when Jim became CEO of SYNNEX Canada – driving sales from $800,000,000 to $2 Billion from 2004 to 2009.

Jim then moved to New York and co-founded an early stage tech fund. During his prior career, he had invested in, advised, and mentored over 100 startup companies including local success, Blackberry.

In 2014, Jim’s father became sick with pancreatic cancer so Jim returned to Guelph where he founded DDE Media Company in November 2014.

DDE is named in honour of Jim’s father—Don D. Estill.

DDE moved quickly, hiring writers with varied educational experiences from arts and history, to science and mathematics. Coupled with talented artistic work, DDE began publishing books in early 2015. By the end of 2015, DDE had published six textbooks. By 2016, we have over a dozen DDE textbooks covering subjects such as Keyboarding, Supply Chain Management, Business, Police Foundations, Medical Office Assistants, Community Services (CSW) and Paralegal and supply to multiple schools across Canada.